April 20th 2018

After many months of consultation, evidence gathering, policy writing, more consultation and independent examination, the St Erth Neighbourhood Plan is now ready to be put to its final test – a public referendum.

The Neighbourhood Plan defines the community’s wishes for its economic, social and environmental development and provides the ways in which the growth of St Erth will be managed between now and 2030.

Like all other Neighbourhood Plans, ours is a community document, not a Cornwall Council or Government document; it has been produced by a team of local volunteers which has consulted residents and businesses extensively at events, through surveys, mailshots and online to identify what matters most to them when looking to the future.

If the Neighbourhood Plan is voted in at the referendum, developers and the Local Planning Authority (Cornwall Council), will be obliged, by law, to take it into account and follow its policies.

The Neighbourhood Plan fits within the planning hierarchy: the National Planning Policy Framework that defines the government’s strategic planning policies for England; the Cornwall Local Plan that sets out Cornwall Council’s strategic objectives for the county; and the St Erth Neighbourhood Plan that sets out the community’s objectives for development in the Parish.

The Neighbourhood Plan says what makes St Erth such a special place in which to live and work, what we value and what we want to conserve and enhance. It strives to ensure that the community gets the types of development it needs, such as new homes and new businesses but importantly, it says where those buildings will go, what they should look like and what infrastructure should be provided to support them – in other words, a joined-up approach.

Everyone who is registered to vote with Cornwall Council has the chance to vote on 24 May and we hope you will vote a massive


Please follow the links below which provide information on: voting; the official Notice of the Referendum; and the final version of the St Erth Neighbourhood Plan.


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St Erth Neighbourhood Plan 2017 2030






















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