St Erth Riverside Regeneration and Community Access Project

May 16th 2024

The Parish Council would like your views on its proposed project for the Hayle Riverbank between St Erth bridge and the Green Lane Gauging Station.  This section of the path is a popular permissive walk which, like other sections along the riverbank, has suffered over recent years from bank erosion due to the volume of foot traffic, dog access and erosion from the river itself.  As it is not currently part of the Public Rights of Way network, Cornwall Council has no responsibility to maintain it.  This project is looking to undertake:

  • soft bank repairs at the main erosion points;
  • live willow planting along the riverbanks, and potentially in-channel, to stabilise the banks and reduce erosion;
  • profiling sections of the path to ensure user safety and to support ‘access for all’;
  • installation of two formalised dog access points with signage;
  • training of volunteer river wardens to undertake monitoring and ongoing soft bank repair work to ensure the sustainability and long-term impact of the project.

At the same time as work to strengthen the riverbank, the project is also looking to create a new amenity for the community, by broadening and improving natural habitats and enabling public access on the area of scrubland which runs parallel with the footpath, an area of land that is owned by the St Erth Playing Fields Association, of which the Parish Council is the Sole Trustee.

This will involve:

  • some scrub clearance on approximately ¾ hectare of currently overgrown land to allow habitat creation (pond creation, tree planting) and establishment of a footpath;
  • two new formal pedestrian access points to create a circulate walk, connecting the improved scrubland area with the riverbank footpath and existing Public Right of Way on Battery Mill Lane with the aim of future proofing the walk in the event of further riverbank erosion;
  • installation of benches, bins, gates and fencing.

The Parish Council has just been invited to submit a Full Application for Community Levelling Up Funding for this project following its initial Expression of Interest.  In order to support this application, we need to demonstrate community support for the project.  This funding would allow the Parish Council to make the footpath safer for users, help future proof this walk for generations to come and create a new area for the community to enjoy.  This will incorporate tree planting and pond creation encouraging a diverse range of wildlife to enjoy the space and provide an improved space for walking and / or jogging.

We would therefore appreciate it if you could complete the online survey to give us your feedback, either through the QR code below, writing to us at the Vestry Rooms or picking up a paper survey from St Erth Village Store.  All responses to this survey must be received by 31st May 2024 to be considered. If you are struggling to respond by then please advise the Clerk on


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