Steering Group

The St Erth Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group was formed in May 2015, to oversee the process of drawing together the aspirations of the people living and working in the parish into planning policy for the next 15 years.

Once formed and passed at community referendum, the St Erth Neighbourhood Plan will have to be adhered to in all planning decisions in the parish, it will have ‘legal teeth’.

The Steering Group are therefore working hard to make sure that they are well informed about issues affecting the parish and what you want for the future of where you live. In order to balance interests and make sure all issues are covered, the Steering Group is made up of a mix of parish councillors and community volunteers. There are 5 councillors and 5 volunteers – one of each from the 5 sub-groups working on the objectives. Details of who the people are and how to get involved in these groups can be found here.

The Steering Group are a fully accountable group and all documentation will be published on this page. You will find below the group’s Terms of Reference, the Project Plan they are working to and other relevant information as it is produced. Progress is shared through the ‘Neighbourhood Plan News’ (subscribe above) and all minutes are public.

St Erth Neighbourhood Plan Area Designation

St Erth Neighbourhood Plan Project Plan

St Erth Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Terms of Reference

St Erth Neighbourhood Plan Communications and Engagement Strategy