Our Groups

To produce a neighbourhood plan for St Erth, five objectives have been identified and there are now groups set up and working to produce policies around each one (NB. the two housing groups, for objectives 1 and 2, are holding joint meetings). Representatives from each group sit on the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. The five objectives are:

OBJECTIVE 1: Housing Sites

To identify appropriate sites for future housing, giving particular weight to the traffic implications, given constraints arising from the parish’s narrow roads, old bridge, on-street parking and lack of public transport.

Group Documentation and Minutes

For more information about objective 1 and the group, contact Councillor Mick Hanley

OBJECTIVE 2: Housing Types and Tenures

To understand, plan and provide for locally generated housing needs, by managing development and encouraging a mix of sustainable housing types and tenures that will help residents remain within the area through different life stages.

Group Documentation and Minutes

St Erth Parish Council Affordable Housing Policy

For more information about objective 2 and the group, contact Councillor Ted Taylor

OBJECTIVE 3: Open Spaces

To protect and enhance important areas of local green space (such as the riverbank and allotments) which are highly valued and much used by local people.

Group Documentation and Minutes

Hayle Open Spaces Map, Cornwall Council

Agricultural Land Report Natural England

Agricultural Land Map, Natural England

South West Region Land Classification Map

Green Infrastructure Strategy, Cornwall Council

Cornwall Wildlife Trust Living Churchyards Project

For more information about objective 3 and the group, contact Councillor Winnie Chappell

OBJECTIVE 4: Community Buildings and Facilities

To retain buildings with a community focus (such as the ‘School Room’) which are a significant asset underpinning the vitality of the local community.

Group Documentation and Minutes

Sustainable Community Strategy, Cornwall Council

For more information about objective 4 and the group, contact Councillor Cheryl MacLeod

 OBJECTIVE 5: Economic Development

To ensure that any large scale, commercial and/or industrial developments (individually or cumulatively) are sympathetically sited and do not impact significantly on landscape character.

Group Documentation and Minutes

Economy and Culture Strategy, Cornwall Council

Cornwall’s Economy at a Glance

Cornwall Retail Study

Economy Monitoring Monthly Update Feb-2015

For more information about objective 5 and the group, contact Councillor Angelo Spencer-Smith