Boscarnek Housing Development and Roadworks in St Erth

April 20th 2023

Please be aware that the recent works on Boscarnek estate are not down to the developers of the new site next door.  The enabling works that we advised residents of recently related to laying temporary high voltage cable on site only.  We have been advised that the recent work, which has caused some disruption on the residential estate, has been carried out on behalf of National Grid to replace electric cables, following issues in the area with power outages, and relates to current properties not new ones.

A full site start on the new development is due on 15th May, which will coincide with the proposed road closure on Fore Street.  This closure is to put in a new sewer connection for the site.  Whilst a 3-week road closure has been requested by the contractors (11th May – 1st June), this is only to allow for any unforeseen occurrences whilst the work is carried out.  The Parish Council has raised residents’ concerns about the proposed road closure of 24 hours a day for 3 weeks with South West Water, and we have now been advised by Cormac (who will be carrying out the work on behalf of SWW) that:

  • work is likely to start on Monday 15th May and will hopefully be completed within the first week and as soon as it is finished Fore Street will be reopened;
  • whilst it is only a small section of the road that is being worked on, because it crosses from one side of the road to the other the whole width of the road will need to be dug up and this is why a full road closure is required;
  • affected residents in Fore Street should receive letters advising re access etc within the next ten days
  • appropriate road signage will be put in place advising of diversions in place.

We have been advised that when the development commences, as much build traffic as possible will be accessing the site along Trenhayle and School Lanes, with instructions to avoid school drop off and pick up times.  Where there are going to be any particularly unusual vehicle movements, we have asked the developers to make us aware, where feasible, and we will share this information with residents.

The recent road closure at the four way junction was as much of a surprise to the Parish Council as it was to residents!  We were aware that work was due to be carried out at some point following the issues that they encountered when trying to lay the imprint paving as part of the traffic calming measures last month (as previously posted), but not that it was happening so suddenly with no notice to residents.  We have raised these concerns with Cormac and pointed out that residents must be kept in the loop for any roadworks taking place.

The Parish Council has been pushing Cornwall Council for some joined up thinking to carry out resurfacing works on both Fore Street and Chapel Hill to tie in with these road closures.  As residents have rightly pointed out the budget for highways maintenance is different to that for traffic calming, but we have been advised that there is money in the budget for work on Chapel Hill.  Exactly what that will involve has yet to be confirmed so watch this space!  We are still waiting to hear back regarding Fore Street.

Please remember that all highways work is Cornwall Council’s responsibility, not the Parish Council’s.  If you have concerns about any potholes, uneven road surfaces etc please keep reporting them using this link


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