St Erth Recycling Center to reopen 19th May 2020

May 14th 2020

Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) reopen from Tuesday 19 May for essential use only.
Essential use means only using your HWRC for material you cannot store safely at home without risk of injury or harm to health.

We will only be accepting:

Garden waste
General rubbish (black bag waste or bulky items)
No other reason for visiting your HWRC will be considered essential.

Please read ALL the guidance on this page before visiting your HWRC.
We are reopening 11 of Cornwall’s 14 HWRCs on a restricted basis only from Tuesday 19 May.

We anticipate high demand and there are likely to be queues. We may have to ask you to come back at a later date if queues become too long.

Strict social distancing measures are in place, which is limiting capacity both in terms of the items we can accept and the volume of visits.

HWRC Guidelines
If you can store your waste safely at home without risk of injury or harm to health, you MUST do so.

DO NOT visit if you are in self isolation, shielding, have Covid-19 symptoms or are in a household during a 14 day isolation.

Before coming to your HWRC you MUST check first to see if you can dispose of your household waste using the kerbside rubbish, recycling, garden or bulky waste collection services.

Until further notice, HWRCs are ONLY accepting garden waste and general household rubbish that isn’t collected at the kerbside. HWRCs do not accept trade waste.

We are not accepting chargable waste such as hardcore, soil, tyres, plasterboard or asbestos.

Please do not bring anything that is usually recycled, e.g. cardboard, paper, cans, glass, wood, metals, small electrical items, plastic pots, tubs, trays, and cartons.

Please hang onto anything that is reusable until charities are able to take them. There will be people in need of your resuable items. We won’t be able to recycle these items and they will be disposed of as general waste.

There are likely to be long queues to use the HWRCs. We are putting special traffic management measures in place but please put off your visit if you can.

If you do come, remember to stay in your vehicle while queuing to comply with social distancing and for your own safety.

Please follow ALL instructions given to you when you arrive at your HWRC and observe social distancing guidelines at all times.

Respect your HWRC staff and traffic marshalls. They are key workers doing a difficult job at a difficult time. We will not tolerate any abuse of our staff.

We are restricting when people can visit their HWRC by operating a vehicle number plate system to limit the number of people visiting each day.

If the last digit of your vehicle number plate is even– 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8 – then you may only visit an HWRC on an even date of the month, e.g. 20, 22, 24, 26 May etc.

For example, if your number plate is RL34 JGS, the last digit is 4 – an even number – so you may visit on even dates of the month.

Even numbers include the number 0 (zero).

If the last digit of your number plate is odd – 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 – then you may only visit an HWRC on an odd date of the month, e.g. 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, or 29 May etc.

If you have a personalised number plate the last digit of your number plate indicates the date you may visit the sites.

If you have a vehicle other than a car that requires a permit to access your HWRC, please display it clearly in your windscreen when you arrive at the site. If your vehicle requires a permit but you don’t have a valid one or you don’t display it properly, you will not be allowed to use the HWRC. We cannot allow trailers onto the sites at the moment. Please see our permit guidance.

We will not be accepting any new permit applications at this time. All permit applications that were requested before we temporarily suspended the service have now been processed and sent out.

Only one person may get out of your vehicle at any one time.

Please ensure you only bring waste you can move from your vehicle to the HWRC container yourself. We have told our HWRC staff to follow social distancing guidelines to the letter at all times and instructed them not assist service users with moving waste.
Opening times
The following sites will be open from 9am to 4pm, seven days a week from Tuesday 19 May:

Bodmin HWRC
Connon Bridge HWRC
Falmouth and Penryn HWRC
Helston HWRC
Launceston HWRC
Newquay HWRC
St Austell HWRC
St Day (United Downs) HWRC
St Erth (Hayle) HWRC
Truro HWRC


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