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Councillor Ms. Janet Kersey

newweb1I have lived and worked in the Parish for over 27 years, having known the area all my life, and have been involved with various village groups, including being a founder member of the St. Erth Residents Association.

I have always been interested in and passionate about the quality of life for all, and especially those who suffer most when, for example, various services are threatened or removed from the village and access to fundamentals is denied or made very difficult. I feel that, as a Parish Councillor, I would be able to be in a stronger position to help maintain that which is of value in our locality, as well as to initiate and support improvement of anything else that would add to that quality of life, in whatever form it may take.

One of the recent issues I tried to champion, and subsequently campaigned for, especially as a service user myself, but also because it would have affected disproportionately the less well-off or able in our community, was to retain the already basic public transport service  that at the time was threatened with being axed completely. Whilst this was thankfully achieved, I remain keen to not just maintain but improve various links for non-car users, and indeed those wishing to use the car less in and around the village, both in terms of bus services and with cycle and walking routes, particularly bearing in mind the stated aims of the upcoming changes to St. Erth Station. I continue to keep up to date with the Penwith Rural Transport Forum since it was formed and attend meetings where possible.

As a regular walker, cyclist and lover of the rural nature of the whole of our Parish (one of the sustaining ‘values’ of any community that I feel is sometimes overlooked), I have an enduring interest in ensuring that any necessary and generally helpful improvements or developments are done as sensitively, unobtrusively and with as low an impact as possible towards this aspect of the village that so many of us appreciate.

I have known many of the older and not so well off residents of the village too for a long time and have become very aware of their concerns and their feelings of helplessness at sometimes not feeling properly considered as far as certain village decisions go, and would therefore hope to be able to represent and include their viewpoints if and when necessary..

Although I have personal feelings and ideas about many social issues, including the above, I am also an open-minded person who will listen fairly and fully to other viewpoints before making a considered and I hope sensible decision on any matter. I believe it is both a great responsibility and an honour to serve as a Councillor for the village that I have known all my life and lived in for a great part of it, and I do not take the role lightly.



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