Riverbank Community Working Group

Current Members

Councillors Kersey, Murley & Rodda

Terms of Reference

  • 3 councillors as nominated by the Parish Council and the Clerk;
  • Councillor Martin, Cornwall Councillor for Long Rock, Marazion & St Erth
  • a representative from the Environment Agency;
  • at least 3 local residents from the surrounding community.
  • Minimum 3 members, to include at least one councillor;
Lead Councillor:

To be agreed at the first meeting of the Working Group.  The Lead Councillor will be the spokesperson at Full Council meetings.


Determined on need, in consultation with the Clerk, and held either virtually or in person.


The Working Group:

  • has no delegated powers or authorities;
  • reports to Full Council;
  • will act at all times in accordance with the Council’s Standing Orders, Code of Conduct, Financial Regulations, GDPR & Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Focusing specifically on Section 2 of the riverbank (as set out in the River Hayle Vision Plan dated October 2022), to work with all relevant stakeholders, to include landowners, the community and the Environment Agency.

To make recommendations to the Council, who as Sole Trustees for St Erth Playing Fields Association holds responsibility for some of the land within this section, with regards to:

  • potential loss of highly valued riverside permissive footpath and amenity space;
  • overshadowing of river by trees;
  • bank erosion as a result of dog access;
  • potential funding applications.

Reviewed and approved by the Council on 7th May 2024 under minute reference 014/05/24-25avi)