Mini Skate Ramp Project Working Group

Current Members

Councillors Player (ex officio) (Lead) & Taylor, the Clerk & three members of Maverick Industries

Terms of Reference


Chair (ex officio), one Councillor, the Clerk and three representatives from Maverick Industries (appointed contractor).

Any individuals and / or representatives of community groups may be asked to join the Working Party as and when required.


Three (two must be from the Council)




Determined on need, in consultation with the Clerk, and held either virtually or in person as agreed by the members.


The Working Group:

  • has no delegated powers or authorities;
  • reports to Full Council;
  • will act at all times in accordance with the Council’s Standing Orders, Code of Conduct, Financial Regulations, GDPR & Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Having regard to the CIL application and Grant Funding Agreement:

  • to achieve the timely completion of the Mini Skate Ramp project at Battery Mill Play Park;
  • to ensure reporting on funding spend is completed as required;
  • to ensure that funding claims are submitted to Cornwall Council as and when appropriate.


Reviewed and approved by the Council on 2nd May 2023 under minute reference 014/05/23-24aiv)