Green St Erth Working Group

Current Members

Councillors Greatrex, Murley, Player & Spencer-Smith

Terms of Reference


Membership of the Working Group shall be:
a) 4 members of St Erth Parish Council with the Clerk to support;
b) any individuals, as and when required, co-opted in an advisory, non-voting capacity.

Conduct of meetings

The Working Group will act at all times in accordance with the Council’s Standing Orders.


To consider and make recommendations to the Parish Council for a green strategy by:

  • defining a list of green objectives, to include both:
    • internal (e.g. carbon audit) and
    • external (e.g. community event);
  • propose ways to oversee the implementation of these objectives.

Adopted by Council at the meeting held on 3rd August 2021 under minute reference 082/08/21-22ai)