Communications & Engagement Working Group

Current Members

Councillors Murley, Player (Lead), Spencer-Smith & Taylor

Terms of Reference


Membership of the Working Group shall be:
a) four members of St Erth Parish Council;
b) any individuals and / or representatives of community groups, as and when required, co-opted in an advisory, non-voting capacity.

Conduct of meetings

The Working Group will act at all times in accordance with the Council’s Standing Orders.


To consider and make recommendations to the Parish Council on the most effective and efficient ways to communicate and engage with residents and others on matters which affect the community and the work of the Parish Council.

To develop a communication and engagement strategy, which will contain specified objectives and targets by which the achievement of those objectives can be monitored and measured.

This strategy should be underpinned by the following aims, that the Council is:

  • regarded by others as being inclusive through the use of multiple channels of communication;
  • able to participate effectively in online discussions on behalf of its residents; and
  • able to demonstrate that its decision-making, on significant issues, is informed and robust, having first had meaningful dialogue with interested parties.

Reviewed and approved by Council at the meeting held on 3rd May 2022 under minute reference 015/05/22-23