Risk Register

(A pdf version of the risk register is available for download here)



Risk is the threat that an event or action will adversely affect an organisation’s ability to achieve its objectives and successfully execute its’ strategies.  Risk Management is the process by which risks are identified, evaluated and controlled.  It is a key element of the framework of governance, and a requirement in accordance with the Joint Panel on Accountability & Governance (JPAG), and the Council’s Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.  This document has been produced to enable the Council to assess the risks that it faces and satisfy itself that it has taken adequate steps to minimise them.  This register should be added to as and when new risks are identified, should be reviewed regularly and forms part of the Council’s overall Risk Management Strategy.

The areas that are covered by the Risk Register include General, Financial, Allotments, Cemetery, Playgrounds & Public Toilets.  For each identified area of risk, its impact (I) and its probability (P) are assessed as either high (H), medium (M) or low (L) and multiplied together to give a risk rating in accordance with the following table:


Adopted 18th August 2020 60/20-21
Reviewed 4th January 2022 166/01/21-22c)
Next review due December 2022