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NDP Objectives – Supporting Documents

Objectives 1 & 2 -Housing and Infrastructure – October 2015

(Summary: We have considered the needs for housing in the parish and looked at possible sites to accommodate families, older folk and young people starting out in life. We have identified some sites that could be used for housing over the next thirty years IF THERE IS A PROVEN NEED.
We have attempted to disperse large scale housing. By putting a limited number of sites forward we can exclude other, much less acceptable, sites in the parish.)

Objective 3 – Open Spaces – October 2015

(Summary: We have identified and assessed the open spaces in the parish that are accessible to both residents and visitors, and have evaluated their value to the community and to wildlife. Our wish is to maintain these assets for the good of our local flora and fauna, while encouraging public recreation that respects the environment. We would like to see a public playing field re-established in the parish for the use of local sports teams, such as football and cricket, which until recently used to play in St Erth. We would like to think that the village will one day again been seen as a venue for regular sports events.)

Objective 4 – Community Buildings and Facilities – October 2015

(Summary: We believe that social interaction is important to the health and well- being of the whole community. We wish to retain and enhance buildings with a community focus which are significant assets that underpin the vitality of the local community. We are lucky in St Erth to still have a local shop/Post Office and a village pub, the Star Inn: both located at the heart of the village. Responses to our initial questionnaire confirm that they are central to daily village life. The weekly Farmers’ Market, in the Chapel Hall on Saturdays, provides an outlet for local enterprise and draws customers from the surrounding area. Community spirit is strong in the village and the people of St Erth village benefit from a thriving social network. There are a great many organisations and groups, embracing old and young alike, which meet in the village’s community buildings and spaces.)

Objective 5 – Economic development – October 2015

(Summary:We will encourage business to make best use of the Industrial Estate and other employment sites. Business development will be permitted where it will make a positive contribution to the local economy, unless this means loss of farmland. Existing employment sites will be retained where they are well placed. St Erth Industrial Site will be promoted to meet local employment needs.To make best use of local workforce support will be given for sustainable growth of existing businesses. Additional jobs should be created where these will not cause unacceptable impact on the local infrastructure.)