Local Public Rights Of Way

The Parish Council has recently agreed to join the Local Maintenance Partnership (LMP). The LMP is a unique partnership between Cornwall Council and Parish Councils whereby grants are made to the parish who then organise the cutting back of surface vegetation on local Public Rights of Way.

The Council has a cutting schedule to cover gold and silver paths within the parish and paths will be maintained consistent with their level of use and legal status (e.g.footpath or bridleway). Please note that not all paths that are highlighted on the Cornwall interactive map receive funding but that if the public do have any feedback in relation to specific paths please do contact the Clerk.

In addition to this work which will start in May / June, the Council has also received enhanced LMP funding to clear the gates and stiles that form part of the schedule and this work has been carried out recently by the Council’s contractor to enable better access to the relevant footpaths.