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St. Erth Parish Council recognises that from time to time there will be concerns expressed by members of the public over the activities of the Council or one of its Councillors or employees. To address these issues the Council has adopted a procedure for the handling of complaints. This procedure allows people to have a form of address to the Council if they feel they have a complaint, or have been unfairly treated in their dealings with the Council staff, Councillors, the Council or its Committees.

If a member of the public feels that the procedures below are inappropriate he may submit a complaint against Councillour/Councillours of the Council to the Monitoring Officer of Cornwall Council.
More information on this process can be found  here  or contact:


Fax         01872 323833

All other submissions must be sent or delivered to:

The Monitoring Officer
℅ Simon J R Mansell MBE
3rd Floor
West Wing
New County Hall

Other contact details:

Telephone:    01872 322704 (Simon Mansell)

E-mail: (do not use for submitting complaints)